Scratch That, Reverse It

Even after a mime demonstration that dissolved the class of four year olds into uncontrollable giggles, they could not wrap their heads around the idea that if they wanted to both go to the bathroom and get some water, they had to say that. Go to the water doesn’t work any better than get some … Continue reading

The Mouths of Babes: Things Kids Say #2

“Teacher, you’re going to turn into a watermelon.” Apparently I drink too much water to be healthy, and my five-year-olds are convinced that they can see my skin turning green and black striped. Panicked, they asked me who would be their teacher if I turned into a watermelon, so I assigned the task to them. … Continue reading

Tomato, Potato, Tornado: Things Kids Say #1

I ask the kindergarten class about their favourites. They’re four, so they don’t actually say the word favourite yet, just “I like…” Today, we’ve been talking about weather. The boy to my left, whose curly permed hair and double-creased eyelids mark him as a heartbreaker waiting to happen, pipes up: “I love tomatoes!” It takes … Continue reading