It May Not Have the Fat Content of Ben and Jerry’s…

But I’m basically doing the blog equivalent of sitting in my jammies eating a pint of ice cream in front of a never-ending marathon of chick flicks. Yep, I’m wallowing. The world around me is collapsing into a hurricane of uncertainty and unwashed dishes, so while I studiously ignore the piles of laundry that are … Continue reading

To Muzak

I love the canned music the restaurant next door to work plays. While I’m barreling down the four flights of stairs, desperate for a coffee not for the caffeine but for the five minutes of peace each all too short break gets me, its somehow soothing to hear “nobody said it was easy” floating in … Continue reading

It Isn’t Gramatically Correct, But It’s Sweet: Silver Linings

Sometimes, okay, a lot, I forget to remember the awesome things. I forget all the reasons why I like doing what I’m doing. I forget the cool things. But I’ve remembered a bunch of cool things lately. Things I’d forgotten, or that hadn’t quite clicked into place yet. So I’m going to write them down, … Continue reading