Karma and Buckles: Adventures with BOB

Having already been traveling for eight hours by the time I stood in front of the bag drop for my flight, I have no problem believing that I was not as pleasant, well-spoken, or intelligent as I could have been and perhaps should have been. However, I thought I was pretty clear when I pointed … Continue reading

The Bottom Line? Gelato

Today, just when I thought I was beginning to adapt to the lung-crushing humidity and sweltering heat of Italian summers, I realized that I’m not. My ancestors evolved to survive on cold rainy rocks in the northern Atlantic Ocean, and I’ve spent the last couple of decades (read: basically my whole life) in places where … Continue reading

Hello, Goodbye

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello. Actually, I know exactly why you say goodbye. It’s because we’re going in different directions starting tomorrow. After this very wonderful time together, we’re parting ways, both hoping it’s not a forever kind of goodbye, it’s just an until the next time we see each … Continue reading

Thriving On Change

Italy has changed me already. I’ve only been here for two weeks, living with host families and teaching English in summer camps, but already I notice two things that are different now from when I arrived. The first is drinking coffee. I never did at home (no, I don’t count those java-mocha-however-many-pumps-syrupy-chocolatey concoctions Starbucks brews … Continue reading

The Four O’Clock Shower: Rituals, Habits, and Hygiene

Remember that annoying kid who refused to take a shower because they didn’t like it? Who would show up at school, completely oblivious to their greasy hair, having ignored their parents’ pleas and cries of anguish? Yep, that used to be me. I could not stand to take a shower. One memorable summer, through a … Continue reading