Having Learned a Thing or Two

This has been quite a year. The wins were, or certainly seemed at the time, few, far between, and completely dwarfed in significance by the losses. The thing about losses though, is that’s where the lessons live. I hurt a lot this year. I read somewhere that pain is weakness leaving the body. I think it’s … Continue reading

Getting There

I’m not a fast runner. I never have been. In high school gym class, it took me nearly twenty-five minutes to run (or more accurately plod and stumble) 2400 metres. I’m kinda slow. I will get there eventually, but I’m only going to get there at the speed I’m going, the way I’m going. I’ve … Continue reading

Travel Genetics

There are some things that go with growing up. Bills, responsibilities, hangovers, and coming to an uneasy middle ground about your parents, somewhere between the childhood mentality that Mom and Dad know everything about everything, and the adolescent assumption that they’re just as batty as they seem to think you are. Many of the realizations … Continue reading

Where in the World?

Daejeon, Korea

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about traveling. Some might say that I’m already traveling. I live in a country far from where I grew up, far from what I know and understand. But I live here. It’s not the same as traveling because I’ve been here for four months, and will be for another … Continue reading

Why Owning A Smartphone Doesn’t Make Me Stupid

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of flak about my smartphone, or as it’s sometimes called, my umbilical cord to the internet. A common joke (made at my expense by someone without a smartphone) is “My phone may be stupid, but at least I’m not!” There are lots of reasons why I wanted a smartphone. … Continue reading

As Brave As You Have To Be, or: I Hate Bugs!

The first cockroach I ever saw in real life, I killed with an expertly aimed slipper, fired from halfway across the room, while the eight five-year-olds in the room were distracted. When they asked me what kind of bug it was, I responded with entirely faked nonchalance and a shrug disguising a shudder “I don’t … Continue reading

Living Without

I still wear the necklace she gave me. Even though we’ve lost touch. Even though she thinks I’m crazy to do the things I do. She was one of the first to call me brave, well before I had even considered it. She wasn’t the first to call me crazy, and if she’s the last, … Continue reading

It’s All Relative: Mom and Dad’s Visit.

There are two ways this kind of thing can go. Either it’s going to save my tucchus, or it’s going to wreck me. I’ve spent the last two weekends with my parents. Which is awesome. I love hanging out with my parents, something that I often take for granted and sometimes forget completely when I’m … Continue reading

Puffy Bread and Plastic Cheese: Grilled Cheese Like Mom Only Made Under Duress

On Sunday, I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. This really shouldn’t shock anybody. I’ve been sick for almost a month now. Being sick sucks. Being sick alone sucks even harder. It means you have to take care of yourself. This isn’t usually a problem for me, but after over three weeks, the routine’s getting a … Continue reading

Mommy Made Dress Girl

My mother made me a pair of pants last year. I picked out the fabric, even sewed the elastic for the waistband drawstring. They’re comfortable and gorgeous, one of a kind and made to measure, just for me. I love them. My mom has been sewing things for me since the first time it was … Continue reading