What About Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s recently. Finally. After years of telling myself I should watch it as a film student, getting told I should watch it, and putting it on various lists of movies I had every intention of seeing, but never made time for, I watched it. I wanted to love it. I wanted … Continue reading

Getting Wotsited (Part One)

It started out innocently enough. My colleague mentioned that I’d been having a rough day (or week, or month, or quarter, depending on the specific thing that was bothering me) to her new love interest, whom I’ve taken to calling Mr. Cling due to the (to my mind) excessive number of calls and text messages … Continue reading

Settling Down, or Settling? Secrets Part 2

After writing this post about the post secret I saw, that I wish I knew the author of, I saw another postcard. The writing on this one: “In the past 15 years, I have lived and worked all over the world. Everyone thinks my life is glamorous… But the truth is every time I plan … Continue reading

The Blind Bow-Boy’s Buts: Being Single On V-Day

This year, I’m going to be single on Valentine’s Day. I can say that with as much certainty as I can say that the sun’s going to come up tomorrow morning, and the morning after that, which incidentally is the day in question. Wanna know a secret? This is only the second time since I … Continue reading

Bad Date

Just to get any giggling out of the way, I’m going to open with the fact that, yes, I did in fact meet this guy online. Well, I met him at the mall, at a time and place arranged through online communication, a dating website to be precise. If you are inclined to giggle, please … Continue reading

Drinking the Kool-Aid: How I Figured Out Online Dating Might Not Be A (Complete) Cesspit

Five years ago, heck, even three or two years ago, I was all over the Online Dating Hating bandwagon. If any of my female friends mentioned it, I got seriously squicked out, and if they were close enough friends to warrant it, I would usually go into a bit of a rant that started with … Continue reading