Travel Genetics

There are some things that go with growing up. Bills, responsibilities, hangovers, and coming to an uneasy middle ground about your parents, somewhere between the childhood mentality that Mom and Dad know everything about everything, and the adolescent assumption that they’re just as batty as they seem to think you are. Many of the realizations … Continue reading

Secrets: Post and Otherwise

I just saw the first Post Secret card that I wish I knew the writer of. It reads: I’d travel the world with you. It’s a photo of the interior of an airport. A waiting room bench in the foreground, with the window and planes in the background. I once asked someone to travel the … Continue reading

Producing Productivity

One day last week I woke up and felt like a sack of shit – pardon my French – in spite of feeling less itchy, achy, and fatigued than I had in the previous 24 hours. I did not want to get out of bed. Even worse, I could feel it brewing: that feeling I … Continue reading


I wrote this a little while ago, but it does seem rather appropriate to post on election day, even if it is only a provincial election. I know I’m hoping to dodge another federal election for at least a couple of years, and I’d kinda like to get this one out a bit before that. … Continue reading

Karma and Buckles: Adventures with BOB

Having already been traveling for eight hours by the time I stood in front of the bag drop for my flight, I have no problem believing that I was not as pleasant, well-spoken, or intelligent as I could have been and perhaps should have been. However, I thought I was pretty clear when I pointed … Continue reading