The Letter vs. The Spirit: About That Book Challenge

Not too long after I started this blog, I finished my undergrad degree. As I did so, I wondered what was next. In January, I went to a party and people were talking about books. This is, of course, exactly what I get for going to a party largely attended by English majors. I’m just … Continue reading

One Apartment, Two Cats, Two (and three-quarters) People: What Could Go Wrong?

There are boxes and piles of stuff all over everywhere. Seriously, how on earth did I come to own so much crap? There’s no frame for the bed, the pictures are leaned up against the walls in approximation of where they’ll go once I get around to hanging them, and I’ve commandeered the dining room … Continue reading

Two Years?

Two years ago I started a blog. Another one. After a cryptic interlude with livejournal and a rather angry fling with blogger, I decided I was going to write something that I wouldn’t be afraid for my friends and family to read. Well, the ones that weren’t of the cryptic and/or angry persuasion, anyways. So … Continue reading

Game of Millimetres

A few months back (or maybe years, I don’t really watch much TV), a sports network that my parents watched (you guessed it, curling) on ran a commercial. Over the shot of a curler delivering a stone, there was a voice: “They say football is a game of inches.” As the rock (12 inches wide) … Continue reading

Getting There

I’m not a fast runner. I never have been. In high school gym class, it took me nearly twenty-five minutes to run (or more accurately plod and stumble) 2400 metres. I’m kinda slow. I will get there eventually, but I’m only going to get there at the speed I’m going, the way I’m going. I’ve … Continue reading

The End Of A Novel

After 30 days, gallons of coffee, pounds of extra dark chocolate, a miserable case of the ickle blortch, and a few brief, miserable periods where I couldn’t bear to think about anything with syllables, let alone plot significance, I’m done. I wrote 50,000 words in 30 days while trying to find work (in vain) trying … Continue reading

Nah. No! Write? Right.

Ever sit down and force yourself to write? Something, anything to fill in the space, rack up the word count, give you something to plunk in under the featured photo, get in under the wire on that deadline, or revise, edit, and otherwise beat the crap out of in the hopes of coming out with … Continue reading

Back To Reality

Long time no see! It’s been a little over a month since my last day of teaching in South Korea. In the intervening time, I spent over 30 hours on airplanes, over 60 hours in international transit, and almost three weeks on holiday in Malaysia before crash-landing in my parents’ guest room about two weeks … Continue reading

Miss, Adventure

Another stroll down another strange street in another strange city where I don’t speak the language and my body doesn’t like the weather. This time, though, people are talking to me. “Taxi, miss?” “Miss, massage?” “Sarong, madam?” “Hey, girl, you need taxi?” Apparently, my impression of “girl who doesn’t need a taxi” needs some work. … Continue reading

Ducklings: Being Homes-Sick

As long as I live, I’ll have a trail of homes to be sick for following me around like so many ducklings. Where I grew up, where I went to university, where I studied abroad, where I started my adult life, where I had my first real job, the list will grow as I keep … Continue reading