The Sun Starting To Rise

Once upon a time I worked in a pink-and-glitter emporium of reasons for preteen girls to hate themselves. It wasn’t about the obvious reasons to hate yourself. Nobody ever said out loud “You’re fat.” Nobody ever said “Those girls you think are your friends? They’ll be awful to you in three months. As soon as … Continue reading

The Burrito

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Unless they’re this tough lady, when sometimes the tough decide to spend some time doing their best impression of a burrito. Wrapped up in a blanket mainlining herbal tea and the final season of How I Met Your Mother, with a friend sitting nearby telling me … Continue reading

Getting faced by your fears

“This is really weird!” That exclamation was me, standing on what had been described as a giant tennis racket. What looked like fishing line but I had been assured was aircraft cord with a seven-fold weight allowance over the posted 4 human at a time limit, woven together in a net suspended about a foot … Continue reading

The End Of A Novel

After 30 days, gallons of coffee, pounds of extra dark chocolate, a miserable case of the ickle blortch, and a few brief, miserable periods where I couldn’t bear to think about anything with syllables, let alone plot significance, I’m done. I wrote 50,000 words in 30 days while trying to find work (in vain) trying … Continue reading

Spectacularly Remarkable, Remarkably Spectacular: Getting Used to Getting Stared At

Wandering around Seoul with my parents, having been approached by a university student interviewing tourists, and a handful of teenagers with the sort of shy/bold combination demeanor that I’ve only ever seen teenage girls pull off, saying “Hello, my name is….” and collapsing into fits of giggles when I responded cheerfully, I realized something. I’m … Continue reading