Wearing Thin

It sucks when you’re trying to take a thing as a compliment but it doesn’t feel like it. Words that you’ve been craving for weeks, months, years, over a decade. You hear those words. For the worst reasons. I’ve struggled with my self esteem and body image since well before puberty. Many young women cite … Continue reading

Cupid, Stupid

I’m not entirely sure why I logged on. A need to tidy up another inbox, thereby restoring order to my world, or at least a tiny bit of it. A wish to remind myself that my world didn’t begin and end with the events I’ve lately been preoccupied with. A desire to bolster my self-worth … Continue reading

The Growth Zone

They say, there’s no growth in your comfort zone, and no comfort in your growth zone. Here’s hoping I’m growing. This week, I faced a new opportunity at work. A road trip. Several days out of town, short notice, strange bedfellows. “I know you probably have to check on some things, can you let me … Continue reading

Getting Around To It

In a world where being busy is equated with being successful, the luxury of free time can have its edges. Not so long ago, I was a pretty busy lady. Four jobs, two volunteer posts, two roommates, two felines, and a pile of dirty dishes and dusting which followed me everywhere I went, including across … Continue reading

The Letter vs. The Spirit: About That Book Challenge

Not too long after I started this blog, I finished my undergrad degree. As I did so, I wondered what was next. In January, I went to a party and people were talking about books. This is, of course, exactly what I get for going to a party largely attended by English majors. I’m just … Continue reading

Two Years?

Two years ago I started a blog. Another one. After a cryptic interlude with livejournal and a rather angry fling with blogger, I decided I was going to write something that I wouldn’t be afraid for my friends and family to read. Well, the ones that weren’t of the cryptic and/or angry persuasion, anyways. So … Continue reading

Nah. No! Write? Right.

Ever sit down and force yourself to write? Something, anything to fill in the space, rack up the word count, give you something to plunk in under the featured photo, get in under the wire on that deadline, or revise, edit, and otherwise beat the crap out of in the hopes of coming out with … Continue reading

Back To Reality

Long time no see! It’s been a little over a month since my last day of teaching in South Korea. In the intervening time, I spent over 30 hours on airplanes, over 60 hours in international transit, and almost three weeks on holiday in Malaysia before crash-landing in my parents’ guest room about two weeks … Continue reading


Sometimes, every now and then, I get inspired. And a colleague and mentor from my Italian adventure who probably can’t separate me from the sea of faces that swim before her every summer on the Ligurian coast has again proved to be that inspiration. She’s offering to write people letters. Anyone who wants one. I … Continue reading