Miss, Adventure

Another stroll down another strange street in another strange city where I don’t speak the language and my body doesn’t like the weather. This time, though, people are talking to me. “Taxi, miss?” “Miss, massage?” “Sarong, madam?” “Hey, girl, you need taxi?” Apparently, my impression of “girl who doesn’t need a taxi” needs some work. … Continue reading

Puffy Bread and Plastic Cheese: Grilled Cheese Like Mom Only Made Under Duress

On Sunday, I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. This really shouldn’t shock anybody. I’ve been sick for almost a month now. Being sick sucks. Being sick alone sucks even harder. It means you have to take care of yourself. This isn’t usually a problem for me, but after over three weeks, the routine’s getting a … Continue reading

Things I Lost While Traveling

Every time you see a “how to travel solo” or even a “how to travel” guide, it talks about all the things you risk losing when you’re traveling: how to avoid losing them and what to do if you’ve already lost them. Your dignity, your camera, your composure, your wallet, your life, your temper, your … Continue reading

Giving In, Not To Be Confused With Giving Up

It was only a matter of time. This is what I’m thinking to myself as I stare blankly at the dozens of different types of chocolate laid out in front of me in the grocery store. It was only a matter of time before I gave in. I always do. I have quite a sweet … Continue reading

Strawberry Mocha Mornings

Lately, I’ve taken up a habit that by turns amuses and horrifies my colleagues, Korean and foreign alike. I make myself a strawberry, chocolate, or banana coffee every morning at 10:30. Admittedly, when my colleague suggested that I add milk to coffee to be get through the morning, she probably didn’t mean the strawberry milk … Continue reading

Spam Soup

I never thought I’d be so excited about spam soup. Truth is though, I look forward to spam soup day all week. It’s one of the few soups I can eat, given my allergies, and the only one of those I actually like. Every day at lunch, the food is the same. There are small … Continue reading

By Hook, By Crook, or From McDonald’s: Adventuress Gets Un-Adventurous With Breakfast

I’m not ashamed to say that the first meal I acquired without the help of a Korean-speaking colleague was from McDonald’s. Actually, scratch that, I am a little ashamed of that. It seems to me that I lost a fair proportion of traveller/adventurer cred by taking a grand total of 14 hours since arrival in … Continue reading