About Me

Hi! I’m Beth.

Now in normal conversation, that sentence right there would have pretty much taken up my available supply of guts for the week, but lucky for both of us, this isn’t normal conversation, this is the internet. And if you’re here, odds are pretty good you’re trying to find out something about the person writing this blog. So I reiterate: Hi! I’m Beth. I’m likely the chattiest shy girl you’ll ever meet (or never meet) or the shyest chatterbox. I have a hatful of wildly divergent plans for the future and, aside from being pretty proficient at navigating airports and strange cities, very few practical real-world applicable skills.

I am a mass of contradictions. I probably look pretty normal, unless you happen to catch me on the dance floor or with a demonstration sign in my hand. I’m really, really not though. I’m a weirdo, and I’m happy that way. A slightly more politically correct way to describe myself is unconventional.

I’m ambitious, driven, and slightly scatterbrained. I’m forever trying to organize my life, an impulse which is constantly at odds with my overwhelming desire to leave everything behind and just go somewhere. It doesn’t really matter where.

I have an insatiable appetite (some might say an addiction) for travel and the new experiences that go along with it. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by people who do unconventional things, like visit every country in the world, or live in a teeny tiny RV. I’m intrigued.

I’ve recently returned from a European Adventure involving teaching English in Italy, watching one of my best friends get married, and shepherding my grandmother around parts of England. These were all amazing experiences for completely different reasons, and they all kicked up some sort of stress, panic, or insecurity at one point or another. Because that’s what great experiences are all about. My next adventure looks to be Asian in character, as I keep on in the vein of teaching English abroad.

I’m slightly addicted to Facebook, though less so than a number of people I know. Despite owning (and loving) an Android phone, I’m still baffled by picture and video messages, so I can’t really call myself a technophile, though I do have a soft spot for gadgetry. I’m a gamer only by the loosest of definitions, though most of my friends fit into a much narrower definition of the word gamer, so I don’t think I could escape some knowledge of video games even if I wanted to.

I am always moving. I am an almost university graduate (at least till I walk across the stage in a funny hat this fall).

If you’re new here and would like to poke around inside my head, I’d recommend starting here or here.

One Response to “About Me”
  1. Michel says:

    Hi Beth,

    I haven’t visited every country in the world…. but it’s on my list.

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