Cupid, Stupid

I’m not entirely sure why I logged on. A need to tidy up another inbox, thereby restoring order to my world, or at least a tiny bit of it. A wish to remind myself that my world didn’t begin and end with the events I’ve lately been preoccupied with. A desire to bolster my self-worth by reading messages by people I’ve never met expressing my attractiveness based on a couple of photos. Fuck if I know why.

But log on I did. Pretty picture. Swipe right. Dude’s junk, swipe left. Thumbs up, thumbs down. Roll my eyes and wonder why this is so relaxing.

Then I saw it. The photo of him. Not just biceps or abdominal muscles or a puppy or sunglasses and a ball cap. A photo of him staring straight at me from my screen. A look on his face I hadn’t seen in some time.

Thumbs up.

Do you know how compatible you are with this user? Our algorithms indicate… Something. And he gave you the same thumbs up. Get in touch!

Cupid. Not stupid.


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