Sometimes, the lemons life hands you are a different shape than the ones you were originally expecting.

I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who truly expects to get through life without a single setback, but sometimes the surprising nature of the setback is what really hits. This time, life handed me limes.

New job. Apartment hunting. What else is new?

This time it’s different. It’s always different, but it’s usually a little bit more the same. I’m used to hitting the road. This time I’m not. I’m staying in town, but other than that, everything’s changing.

Months after declaring my experiment in cohabitation my next new adventure, it’s complete. Well, mostly. Still to come is cleaning, schlepping furniture across town. The experiment was unsuccessful in that the cohabitation was less than successful, and right now I’m hiding behind clinical language and overblown metaphor because it’s easier to talk that way while I’m still trying to work stuff out.

What’s the road trip of life without a pothole or two?


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