The Letter vs. The Spirit: About That Book Challenge

Not too long after I started this blog, I finished my undergrad degree. As I did so, I wondered what was next. In January, I went to a party and people were talking about books. This is, of course, exactly what I get for going to a party largely attended by English majors. I’m just … Continue reading

One Apartment, Two Cats, Two (and three-quarters) People: What Could Go Wrong?

There are boxes and piles of stuff all over everywhere. Seriously, how on earth did I come to own so much crap? There’s no frame for the bed, the pictures are leaned up against the walls in approximation of where they’ll go once I get around to hanging them, and I’ve commandeered the dining room … Continue reading

Two Years?

Two years ago I started a blog. Another one. After a cryptic interlude with livejournal and a rather angry fling with blogger, I decided I was going to write something that I wouldn’t be afraid for my friends and family to read. Well, the ones that weren’t of the cryptic and/or angry persuasion, anyways. So … Continue reading