Game of Millimetres

A few months back (or maybe years, I don’t really watch much TV), a sports network that my parents watched (you guessed it, curling) on ran a commercial.

Over the shot of a curler delivering a stone, there was a voice: “They say football is a game of inches.” As the rock (12 inches wide) slides between two other rocks with less than an inch on either side, the same voice says: “I wish we had inches.”

Believe it or not, this isn’t a post about curling. It’s about jobhunting.

When I first started looking for a job back home, I was a machine. I applied to everything I could think of, trolled dozens of job seekers websites, rewrote my resume at least twenty times, sometimes changing only a single word or phrase before sending it off, telling myself that this one would be the slam dunk. I was playing football. Play after play after play, and I was getting nowhere.

I woke up in the morning dreading my day. I doubt anyone actually likes jobhunting, so I’m sure the urge to crawl back into bed and get up sometime around Easter is somewhat familiar.

I swore I’d cry if I had to write the words “I look forward to a response at your earliest convenience” one more time. Then I wrote another cover letter. Then I cried.

On the off chance I got a call: “Hi there this is (random name) calling from (business name) about the job you applied for.”

Me, while flipping frantically through my notebook for a blank page and my e-mail history for some sort of record: “Um, okay, uh, sorry, which job was that?”

Overall, not pretty. Technically challenging, highly disheartening, and perhaps as a result of one and a cause of the other, basically unsuccessful.

I took a break over the holidays. Come January, well, it might be a little dramatic to say that the comforter turned to lead and my mattress sprouted arms to keep me from getting out of bed, but that’s rather what it felt like.

So I gave up. I never liked football anyways. I gave up my game of inches and started a game of millimetres.

Baby steps. Two at a time, in fact. Two applications every day. Recording what I applied for and when. Actually remembering whether (interviewer’s name) from (business name) is more interested in my honours degree or the fact that I started working in restaurants when I was sixteen.

Time for a draw to the button.

One Response to “Game of Millimetres”
  1. Erin says:

    I remember that commercial. Every moment of it. I loved it growing up (because I’m weird). It’s been playing since I can remember seeing curling on TV. The thing that really wowed me was when the camera moved to be parallel with the ice as the rock passed between the two stationary ones, moving toward the camera, the streams of light that could be seen on either side of the moving rock disappeared for a moment, so you would swear there was impact, but neither of the stationary stones moved.

    Also, good call.

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