Getting There

I’m not a fast runner. I never have been. In high school gym class, it took me nearly twenty-five minutes to run (or more accurately plod and stumble) 2400 metres. I’m kinda slow. I will get there eventually, but I’m only going to get there at the speed I’m going, the way I’m going.

I’ve gotten to a lot of places slowly, and usually not the way I expected to end up there. Half the time, I end up somewhere entirely different from where I though I was going, but that suits me too. My road trip of life has got more than one detour on it, and rather a lot of unscheduled stops. Right now I’m in the middle of one of them.

If you’d asked me last Christmas whether I’d be ringing in 2013 in Accra, Ghana, well, let’s face it, by then I had a track record for this kind of stuff, so I probably would’ve said “Maybe.” I’m getting better at never saying never. I’m harder to surprise than I once was. I got that way when I started surprising myself.

So I’m sitting in a hotel room in Accra with my sister and her bright pink backpack in addition to my own carry-on suitcase (and my baby sister and according luggage) getting ready for dinner on New Years’ Eve.

Fortunately for us, while New Years’ Eve is a big deal in Ghana, it seems to be mainly an occasion for an all-night church service and celebration, so we didn’t have a problem finding somewhere to eat dinner as we would have in most of North America or Western Europe. We’re still opting for the low-energy option and eating in the hotel restaurant before we head north tomorrow morning.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve had a number of surprises in 2012. Planning to go to South Korea, getting delayed in going to South Korea, abruptly leaving South Korea, stopping off in Malaysia, having Christmas at home, and having New Years’ in Ghana are just the highlights.

A lot of things have changed, shifted, or switched this year, and I’m working on managing them, and the uncertainty that comes along with changes. I hope I’m getting closer to being the person I want to be by doing the things I want and need to do. I don’t think I’m done moving, I don’t think I’m done shaking things up, but I don’t yet know what the next big thing is going to be. I don’t mind, I’ll get there sooner or later.

One thing that has not changed this year (and likely never will) is my Dad’s sense of punctuality, most of which I’ve inherited. So I’d better get to dinner.

For 2013, I hope you always get there, no matter where, how, or why you’re going. Happy New Year!


2 Responses to “Getting There”
  1. Erin says:

    Awesome. But we were heading West. 8P

  2. Were not! We were about to go to Akosombo, which is north of Accra.

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