Back To Reality

Long time no see! It’s been a little over a month since my last day of teaching in South Korea. In the intervening time, I spent over 30 hours on airplanes, over 60 hours in international transit, and almost three weeks on holiday in Malaysia before crash-landing in my parents’ guest room about two weeks ago.

Predictably, the question on my mind (and in the mouth of everyone I haven’t seen in eight months or more) is “What’s next?”

This question has been on my mind pretty much constantly for the last couple of years, and on the back burner for the few years before that. As always, the simplest and most concise answer is: “I don’t know.”

This is usually where the shock, awe, and in all likelihood internal conclusions that I must be completely daft exhibit themselves. This is especially true when talking to people who know my dad. He likes to be in control of things, and either by genetics or training, I’m a lot like him in a lot of ways. Which is why people are sometimes (pretty much all the time) surprised that I don’t appear to be in the process of a nervous breakdown when I’m in transition. “In transition” is the diplomatic way of saying living in my parents’ spare room with no job and several concurrently developing plans of tenuousness varying from “er, maybe” through “if I win the lottery” to “snowball’s chance in hades”.

Am I perfectly content in this situation? No. As most grown adults living with their parents (and I expect most parents living with their grown adult children) will tell you, one extra grownup in any household can throw the entire living arrangement well out of whack. Lots of things that I take for granted living on my own, I have to make more defined plans and decisions about. I have to decide more than ten seconds before dinner whether I’m planning to be home or not.

So I’m in the process of catching up on my writing, reading, and of course, curling, which I love; jobhunting, which I rather hate; and reorganizing my life, which I must have some sort of love-hate fascination with because I just keep going back to it like the dessert table at a buffet.

So no big surprises, really, the holiday in the sun is over, but so is the rather unfortunate job that immediately preceded it. Things are basically back into whack, which mostly means I have no idea what the plan is. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, and actually, I am. This is my normal.


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