Miss, Adventure

Another stroll down another strange street in another strange city where I don’t speak the language and my body doesn’t like the weather. This time, though, people are talking to me.

“Taxi, miss?”

“Miss, massage?”

“Sarong, madam?”

“Hey, girl, you need taxi?”

Apparently, my impression of “girl who doesn’t need a taxi” needs some work. Evidently my “girl who isn’t planning to shoplift” also needs some work, if I can take any information from how close the salespeople stood to me.

Triumphantly clutching my free-size dress (that’s right, I found a one-size-fits-all article of clothing in Asia that fits my decidedly not-Asian-sized body) I strutted down the street feeling pretty pleased with myself. Even the cab drivers seemed to be a little quieter than usual.

Then I saw the scorpion.

It was also strutting down the street, followed by a gaggle of jeering post-adolescent males and a handful of excited children. Apparently it doesn’t fit in here either.

Thankfully, I was both fully clothed and outside. As my sister says, creepy-crawly things have a way of showing up when you’re naked and vulnerable, for instance in the shower. Being fully clothed and outside, I was able to walk around the scorpion with minimal freaking out, even if it was a stinging, poisonous creepy-crawly.

Shortly after the scorpion, I took refuge in a coffee shop to enjoy a frozen drink and wait for it to get a little less ridiculously hot and humid outside.

One Response to “Miss, Adventure”
  1. Erin says:

    Right on! I know all about that whole trying-to-look-like-you-don’t-need-a-taxi vibe. Thanks for the shout out, by the way 🙂

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