Sometimes, every now and then, I get inspired. And a colleague and mentor from my Italian adventure who probably can’t separate me from the sea of faces that swim before her every summer on the Ligurian coast has again proved to be that inspiration.

She’s offering to write people letters. Anyone who wants one. I think it’s amazing. So I’m going to make the same offer. She has wonderful, interesting reasons for it, which you can read about here. For those guests of a sensitive disposition or puritanical persuasion, I’d advise against following that link. She swears and talks about her lady bits a lot. I don’t have those same profound, fascinating reasons for this project: I just know how I light up like a Christmas tree when I get mail, and would love to brighten someone’s day like that.

So here it is, if you send your mailing address to me at, I’ll send you a letter. Hand written in a sealed envelope with your name on it and everything. So how about it, let me brighten your day?


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