One Week

I have had one wonderful week of holiday. I spent part of the week in Busan, but had a lovely few days in Daejeon as well.

Predictably, I shocked a number of people with something about myself. My age, my knowledge of Korean culture, and as always, my penchant for being by myself.

I like to travel by myself. What started out as a necessity I wasn’t sure I could really handle has become my preferred method of travel. There are great benefits to only having to worry about one stomach, one pair of feet, and one skin. I can’t say enough times how much I love being able to eat and sleep whenever I’m hungry or tired when I’m traveling alone.

This doesn’t mean that I never get lonely. When she found out I was going to Busan by myself, my Korean friend shook her head. “I could never do that, I’d be so lonely.”

I rarely think about the loneliness when I travel. I’m too busy seeing and doing things to worry about being alone. On top of that, I always think about which would make me feel lonelier: being by myself doing something awesome, or sitting alone at home not doing anything awesome, because none of my friends were free, or wanted to do the same awesome things.

In Korea, much like in Italy, England, and Canada, this makes me a weirdo. But I guess I’m used to being that weirdo who goes places by herself.


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