Two Types

There are two types of people doing the kind job I have right now, well, at least two. The two that are most prevalent here are:

The people who want to be teachers and leaving home is the means to that end.

The people who want to travel, and teaching English is a means to that end.

For a very long time, I was adamant that I would not be a teacher for at least five years after university, if ever. I had met a lot of teachers, and the ones I always learned the most from were those for whom teaching was a second, third, or seventh career. I didn’t want to be that first-year, fresh-out-of-college teacher who was only five or six years older than her upper high school class and had never seen anything other than the interior walls of a school.

So how on earth did I end up here? A year after finishing my degree, in a strange place, staring down a roomful of kindergarteners every day?

For starters, I’m not sure I’m the typical model of the fresh-out-of-university teacher. Teaching itself was never my dream. Part of that was the strong conviction I had for a number of years that I didn’t have anything to teach anyone. I’ve since realized that this, like a number of my strongly-held convictions, is a load of hogwash.

There’s the assumption that those who can’t do, teach. While there may be some truth to this in a grander sense (like I said, teaching was never my end-all be-all dream, and yet here I am) I certainly am not teaching a subject I can’t do. In fact, I fancy myself to be pretty good at speaking, reading, and writing English. And this is one of the few things that I could do that makes direct use of those skills without being a creative endeavour where my ability to make a living directly corresponds to whether somebody or other thinks I have some sort of talent.

So for a couple of different reasons, for most everybody here doing the same thing I’m doing, this isn’t the dream gig. In the most simplified sense there’s one part we love, and one part we deal with. Of course it’s really far more complicated than that, but at least, for most of us, we’ve all got something that makes this the best thing we could be doing right now.


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