Sleep When You’re Dead Or On The Train: Canada Day Weekend In Two Cities

Last Tuesday, my plans for Canada Day weekend were shaping up to be pretty tame. Barbecue with my Korean class Friday evening, shopping with a friend on Saturday, maybe a language exchange meeting on Sunday afternoon. Multiple attempts to contact Canadian friends all over the world throughout the weekend, and maybe finally getting my laundry done and my kitchen cleaned.

Then I went to a stitch and bitch on Wednesday.

While attempting to figure out what in blazes I’d done to my crocheting project, I noticed the conversation turn to weekend plans. Of the multinational group of ladies swearing at yarn, there are a few Canadians. The whole group had decided that after taking a road trip to Seoul to see Wicked, they were going to head for a Canadian bar on Saturday night.

I said it sounded like fun, and the next thing I knew, my peaceful (or sedate) weekend had turned into a sleep-deprived race back and forth between Seoul and Daejeon in the interests of basically being in two places at once. Leaving one party a little early, showing up a little late to another, with an hour’s train ride in between.

By 5 pm on Sunday when I got home to the pile of dishes in the sink, the piles of laundry on the floor, and the mostly-rotten food in my fridge, all I wanted to do was take a nap. Since Friday night, I’d spent five hours on buses, three hours on subways, just over an hour on the KTX, and about 4 hours in a car. I’d been to Seoul twice (coming back to Daejeon in the middle of the day) and had slept on a horizontal surface for less than 8 hours in two nights. I was a sweaty, sticky mess, having spent rather too much time in crowded rooms with insufficient air conditioning.

But I didn’t nap. Instead I cooked myself dinner, wrote a few hundred words of blog, cleaned the kitchen, and sorted the laundry. I got ready for bed at basically my usual hour, feeling rather pleased with myself for having survived the weekend without major dehydration, or major frustration when things (as they normally do in group settings) started to branch off a bit from the original plan.

Getting organized for the work week was worth the lack of nap.


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