What Does That Sweaty Lady Think She’s Doing?

If you know me in real life, in person, I should warn you that this post may horrify, stupefy, or terrify you. As such, I demand that you agree to wait until the very, very end of this post to stop the presses, hold the phones, alert the media, or call in whatever form of authority you feed so inclined towards. If you don’t agree, I suggest you vacate this page immediately, and find something a little less panic-inducing to read.


Any day now.

Really. I won’t think any less of you for it.


Okay, you’re still here.

So I guess you’re ready then?

Okay, here goes: last week, I went for a run.

Please do not adjust your computer screen, I assure you that it is actually supposed to say “I went for a run”. This is where that promise not to alert the authorities of the impending apocalypse comes in.

If you know me, you know that I hate running. I can be coaxed into a lot of games that involve running, and more often than I’d like through my own poor judgement of time, I’ve found myself running for a bus or train, but the last time I willingly ran for the sake of running… Well, only exists if you count on the orders of some sadistic gym teacher or other as willingly.

But, being the strange, contrary creature that I am, it kinda fits that if I was going to take up running, it would be in Korea.

In spite of the fact that walking seems to be a competitive, race-oriented sport here, I haven’t seen a single Korean jogging. Based on what I’ve heard, it would seem that Koreans generally aren’t too big on the whole exercise thing, in particular Korean women.

So being the odd cookie that I am, it totally makes sense that if I’m going to do something I was convinced I’d never do, I’m going to do it someplace where it’s weird.

There is a logic to this. If I’m gonna get stared at for wearing too little makeup and too few clothes and generally being a hot sweaty mess all summer (not to mention because I’m white and in Asia) I may as well also be doing something weird. After all, people are going to stare one way or the other.

At least I’m smart enough to do this whole running thing after the temperature drops below 30 degrees Celsius outside.


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