The Mouths of Babes: Things Kids Say #2

“Teacher, you’re going to turn into a watermelon.”

Apparently I drink too much water to be healthy, and my five-year-olds are convinced that they can see my skin turning green and black striped. Panicked, they asked me who would be their teacher if I turned into a watermelon, so I assigned the task to them. So J and T, the most rambunctious of the lot, will be the teachers of the class in the (according to them, inevitable) event that I turn into a watermelon. I suppose I should let the director know that I’ve got a plan for this particular contingency.

“This book gave me the thinks.”

My first response to that one was “Gee, I really hope that’s not anything like the runs.” That said, I can totally relate to having something give me the thinks. It’s when something, a piece of art, a problem you’re having, or a new and exciting adventure completely takes over your consciousness. The kind of takeover where in order to stop thinking about it, you have to get humongously engrossed in some other pursuit (no easy feat) or else devote conscious effort to not thinking about it. Which defeats the purpose of not thinking about it and puts you back at square one.


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