It Isn’t Gramatically Correct, But It’s Sweet: Silver Linings

Sometimes, okay, a lot, I forget to remember the awesome things. I forget all the reasons why I like doing what I’m doing. I forget the cool things.

But I’ve remembered a bunch of cool things lately. Things I’d forgotten, or that hadn’t quite clicked into place yet. So I’m going to write them down, and hopefully remember them the next time I need to.

The Bright Sides

My colleagues are awesome. Even if the work was a little less daunting, took up a little less of my time, and I didn’t get along with the people I work with, I would be a lot worse off. I may not have a lot of free time, or a lot of energy when I do get free time, but I have lots of fantastic people around me, and that makes a lot of things a whole lot better.

The Darndest Things

Sometimes kindergarteners say truly hilarious things. Sometimes it’s a function of their less-than-perfect grasp of English, and sometimes it’s because they’re four. But it always brightens my day. Things like “I love tomatoes” when we’re talking about weather (he was trying to say tornadoes). Or the kid who ends every sentence with “power rangers”. Admittedly, it was a lot cuter and a lot less annoying two months ago.

The Letter

For teacher’s day, I got some cool presents. One of my colleagues, whose daughter is in the kindergarten, brought us all iced coffee and cake in the morning. The parents in one of my classes got together and pitched in for gift cards to a nice shop nearby. But my favourite gift came from one of my students directly. She wrote me a letter on pretty paper telling me that my class was the best, and so much fun. Of course, she’s a 5 year old ESL student, so it took me a minute to puzzle out what she meant, but it put a smile on my face that stayed there all day.

Living The Dream

I was filling out an online survey earlier this week, and one of the questions it asked was about money. Most of the surveys I do have questions about money, usually asking me to put my individual and/or household income into some bracket or another. The first time I did one of those surveys since I got this full-time job, I had to break out the calculator to figure out how my monthly salary translated into annual income. This particular survey was a little different though, and asked me instead to indicate my financial solvency on a sort of comfort scale.

I don’t remember the exact words for the option I finally wound up choosing, but it was something to the effect of this: My typical day-to-day needs are sorted out, financially speaking. I don’t have to worry about making ends meet. I don’t have to budget my finances carefully to afford the things I want to do for entertainment (going out to a movie or to the bar). I have to save and/or plan carefully if I want to afford a vacation or a fancy electronic gizmo (the example was a high-end TV, I think) but neither one is necessarily out of my reach.

As I clicked that middle bubble, somewhere between “I eat rice and pintos” and “budget? what budget?” I realized something huge. Gigantic. Humongous. I have all the financial solvency I need. This is the level I wanted to attain someday. Being able to afford the things I need without any difficulty, along with most of the things I really want.

Would I like to have enough money that wicked vacations every two months became part of my usual life? Absolutely. But just being able to support myself and get some of the things I want rather than need is fantastic. Amazing. Something that not everyone manages over the course of a career. Not bad for a couple of months into my first ever full-time job.

The Conclusion

All things considered, I have lot to be happy about, and I don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about the awesome things going on in my life. That’s just one of the many things I’m working on improving.

One Response to “It Isn’t Gramatically Correct, But It’s Sweet: Silver Linings”
  1. Aunt Julie says:

    Too True! I’m so proud of you! You are on the adventure of a lifetime. I wish I had been brave enough to do something like that. Love you!

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