Settling Down, or Settling? Secrets Part 2

After writing this post about the post secret I saw, that I wish I knew the author of, I saw another postcard. The writing on this one:

“In the past 15 years, I have lived and worked all over the world.

Everyone thinks my life is glamorous…

But the truth is every time I plan another move, I pray that someone will love me enough to ask me not to go.”


Obviously the person who wrote this is older than me. Obviously they’re more experienced in terms of travel and work than I am. More likely than not, in love as well. But I still feel like I have something to share with them. And anyone else who might be thinking the same thing, but not saying it to anyone.

That isn’t what you’re after. It doesn’t take much love to ask someone to stay. It doesn’t take any, in fact, and could come from a number of things like convenience or laziness. Asking someone to stay is easy. Asking them not to go doesn’t take much sacrifice, might not take any at all. You’re not after the person who loves you enough to ask you not to go. You’re after the person who’ll ask you if they can go with you. You’re after this person:

Not mine, completely bagged from post secret.

I hope you don’t settle for the person who only loves you enough to ask you to stay. I hope you find the person who wants to go on an adventure with you.


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