Getting Wotsited (Part One)

It started out innocently enough. My colleague mentioned that I’d been having a rough day (or week, or month, or quarter, depending on the specific thing that was bothering me) to her new love interest, whom I’ve taken to calling Mr. Cling due to the (to my mind) excessive number of calls and text messages … Continue reading

It Isn’t Gramatically Correct, But It’s Sweet: Silver Linings

Sometimes, okay, a lot, I forget to remember the awesome things. I forget all the reasons why I like doing what I’m doing. I forget the cool things. But I’ve remembered a bunch of cool things lately. Things I’d forgotten, or that hadn’t quite clicked into place yet. So I’m going to write them down, … Continue reading

Living Without

I still wear the necklace she gave me. Even though we’ve lost touch. Even though she thinks I’m crazy to do the things I do. She was one of the first to call me brave, well before I had even considered it. She wasn’t the first to call me crazy, and if she’s the last, … Continue reading

With a Capital F, Part 2

This is part 2 of a longer post. You can read part 1 here. For the last few weeks, I’ve been watching the facebook posts of my colleagues from my previous teaching experience going back. Some of them are ones I knew, some I never actually met, or met briefly in passing. They’re going back, … Continue reading

It’s All Relative: Mom and Dad’s Visit.

There are two ways this kind of thing can go. Either it’s going to save my tucchus, or it’s going to wreck me. I’ve spent the last two weekends with my parents. Which is awesome. I love hanging out with my parents, something that I often take for granted and sometimes forget completely when I’m … Continue reading

With a Capital F

I’m failing at this. I’d like to say I’m failing bravely, dangerously, or at least loudly. That I’m going down with one hell of a fight. That I’m giving it everything I’ve got, and it’s just not pulling through. That I’m having a good failure. I’d like to say that, but I do try to … Continue reading

The Tampon Hard-Sell: Inadequate Korean Vocabulary #1

Sometimes I wind up in situations where I really wish I had the Korean vocabulary to make myself understood. I’m getting much better with food, shopping, and other day-to-day sort of situations, and it’s unusual for me to have a communication problem that I can’t sort out using my limited Korean, a few borrowed words, … Continue reading

Spectacularly Remarkable, Remarkably Spectacular: Getting Used to Getting Stared At

Wandering around Seoul with my parents, having been approached by a university student interviewing tourists, and a handful of teenagers with the sort of shy/bold combination demeanor that I’ve only ever seen teenage girls pull off, saying “Hello, my name is….” and collapsing into fits of giggles when I responded cheerfully, I realized something. I’m … Continue reading

Settling Down, or Settling? Secrets Part 2

After writing this post about the post secret I saw, that I wish I knew the author of, I saw another postcard. The writing on this one: “In the past 15 years, I have lived and worked all over the world. Everyone thinks my life is glamorous… But the truth is every time I plan … Continue reading