Tomato, Potato, Tornado: Things Kids Say #1

I ask the kindergarten class about their favourites. They’re four, so they don’t actually say the word favourite yet, just “I like…” Today, we’ve been talking about weather. The boy to my left, whose curly permed hair and double-creased eyelids mark him as a heartbreaker waiting to happen, pipes up:

“I love tomatoes!”

It takes me a number of questions and puzzled looks to realize I’ve got no idea what he’s talking about, and I’m pretty much resigned to letting it go when he realizes I don’t get it.

“Teacher! Tomato is like this” he spins his finger in a descending circle, making whoosh noises with his mouth. Tornado. He loves tornadoes.

I spend a few minutes trying in vain to make him say “tornado” rather than “tomato”. The way he (and most Korean kids) says tomato, it really does sound a little bit like tornado.

Maybe next week I’ll get some flashcards for just this situation. In the meantime, it’s a fun story.


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