Strawberry Mocha Mornings

Lately, I’ve taken up a habit that by turns amuses and horrifies my colleagues, Korean and foreign alike. I make myself a strawberry, chocolate, or banana coffee every morning at 10:30.

Admittedly, when my colleague suggested that I add milk to coffee to be get through the morning, she probably didn’t mean the strawberry milk that the kids have.

I’ve been stressed lately. And the jury’s still out on whether the end of that stress is in sight. The jury is also still out on whether the coffee is making the stress any better. The coffee break sure is though, no doubt about it.

I’ve always liked coffee breaks, but I really only started liking coffee this past year. (At this point I can hear my father’s entire side of the family, on another continent, scoffing that I still don’t like coffee: I like hot milk, sweetened and slightly coffee scented.) While I was in Italy, I started to really enjoy coffee (albeit in teeny tiny cups with a teaspoon each of sugar and milk).

Lately, my coffee habit has adjusted slightly. The coffee is instant (again, the cries of anguish coming from my paternal family, and most of my maternal family too, for that matter) and most recently, has included strawberry, banana, or chocolate milk.

The first day I put strawberry milk in a cup of instant coffee, I was in full view of seven kindergarteners who put up quite the fuss about how disgusting it was going to be. I felt right at home. Hey, I like strawberry milk, and I like milk and sugar in my coffee. I’m not sure why I wouldn’t like them together. It’s at least worth trying.

My kindergarteners seemed to understand this logic. Sure enough, it was pretty delicious. I have yet to convert my colleagues though.


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