Exclusion: Things That Don’t Make My To-Do List

I have a pretty long to-do list when it comes to adventures. Especially in new and exciting places. But some things, for a variety of reasons don’t end up on it. Whether they should or not is another matter for another day.

Driving in most of the places I go is one of those things. My Dad suggested that, as exciting places go, Korea is probably okay on the “how much would it suck to drive there?” scale. They drive on the same side of the street, most of the roads are fairly new and fairly wide.

Having been a pedestrian in this town for just over two weeks, I can say with some confidence that I’m in no hurry to drive here.


7 pm on a Saturday. I don't even want to think about rush hour.

Major intersections without lights contain between three and six orange-jacketed traffic directors, conducting the traffic patterns with the elegance of an army tank and the efficiency of an Italian train schedule.


Did I mention that they park (and drive) on the sidewalk?

My first day in Korea, I got some  advice from a colleague:

“At home, you might get hit by a car if the driver isn’t paying attention and doesn’t see you. In Korea, hope they don’t see you, because they can’t aim at what they can’t see.”

Actually, giving it some thought, I might be happier on Korean streets inside a sturdy metal box…


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