Starting the Adventure

“Happy New Year!” from what was supposed to be my last full day of living on this continent for quite some time. For today, I was expecting panicked shopping, panicked packing, and, well, panicked panic (of the “holy guacamole, I’m leaving the country tomorrow!” variety).

On the plus side, I’m a whole lot less panic-stricken than I was expecting to be today. On the not -so-plus side, that’s because I’m not leaving the country tomorrow as originally scheduled.

New plan: new school, new city, new contract, new departure date. Here we go!

This is one of those things that I’m not tremendously good at dealing with. As much as I’ve gotten better at flying by the seat of my pants, once a plan is in effect I really prefer if it gets executed. I can do no plan, I can do vague plan, but for Pete’s sake if there’s a plan can’t we all just stick to it?!?!?

(Sorry, that was an entirely uncalled for type-A moment. I’m working on those, but it’s a slow process.)

I’m trying really hard to look at the upsides of this. The big one is that I have an extra six weeks to pack! This is a little double-edged, since it more than likely means I’ll do the same thing I did before: wait until about 10 days before my scheduled departure, spend three days in a blind raving panic, then knuckle down in the last week.

Another upside is that I get to help out on my aunt and uncle’s film shoot this weekend. This is a thing that I’ve done once before – and absolutely adored – and felt more than a little gutted that I wouldn’t be able to do again before I left.

To complete the bright side trifecta, I have six more weeks of living at home. This, too, is double-edged. Let’s face it: we all love our parents and our parents all love us, but there is a limit to how long adult children can live with their parents harmoniously. I do, however, get six more weeks of buying, cooking, and eating real people food with my mom, cross country skiing with my dad, curling, watching movies on a screen larger than 13 inches, etc.

Of course, there are downsides too, and hindsight-is-20/20 sides, and things I wish I’d done or hadn’t done now that I know how things are working out.

But that’s what adventure is all about. And – in spite of this delay – I’m pretty stoked to start my next one.


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