In Which Beth Remembers What She Forgot

I will readily admit that I’m a stressy traveller. I don’t sleep well the week before I leave, convinced I’ll forget something (there’s precedent for this, I always forget something). I don’t eat well (unless, like this time, my wonderful parents are feeding me, in which case I always get enough vegetables) and I’m prone … Continue reading

Manifestos are for Marxists!

I am remarkable. Not all of the remarks are good, but that’s the nature of things. I am many things, often seemingly contradictory things. My Dad is forever on a quest to find better wine than he wants to pay for, and I am forever on a quest to find out how many once-in-a-lifetime experiences … Continue reading

Where The Story Ends…

Once upon a time, I tried to write a book. Actually, that particular sentence could bring me back to any number of failed enterprises in which I tried to make a writer out of myself. I’m going to be a bit more specific: I tried to write a book when I was in grade 6 … Continue reading